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Hi there,

Thank you for visiting my website.

I am Dhaval Parikh - A Ruby on Rails Developer.

You may call me a Techie...like most people do...

I have done Masters in Computer Science and Information Technology from K.S School Of Business Management.

Currently Working as a Ruby on Rails Developer...

I also have working knowledge in Drupal (CMS) and other CMS like Joomla and OsCommerce for website development.

This site is made using Drupal.

I am a Open Source and Web 2.0 believer and also engaged in spreading the benefits of it to the world. By giving seminars in colleges.

Fond of learning new things..

Passionate about Electronic gadgets and Stock Market...

Like to make a concept come true....

YES I love to chat online..U can always find me online..Although i m not able to stay online currently..coz of lack of time but yes...when i m @ home...I m always online..

U can find me on




U can get more info regarding me over there..And yes by surfing my site...and even my blog on http://blog.dhavalparikh.co.in

STill if u want ne more info..U can get in touch with me via email

dhaval DOT parikh 33 AT gmail DOT com

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